This is the FuzzySqueak project site a Fuzzy logic tool create using Squeak an open source Smalltalk environment

To run the application: download from the Download section the .zip file, extract all files in a directory and follow the instruction reported in this section. Remember that you need a platform dependent (Linux/Unix, Mac, Windows) SqueakVM to install before, in order to run the fuzzy-logic.image SmallTalk image file.
Once opened the image file, open a workspace and write:
FuzzyModel start.then ALT + D to (do it).
the main panel will open.
Now follow the three steps to build a quick Fuzzy application. In the image you can find an example of the ‘braking problem’ reported in a paper from Prof. Geraldo XexĂ©o 3.6 pg.21, you can read this paper included in the .zip file.
A new article will follow ASAP to explain much better hot to use Fuzzysqueak.
for any request contact me at davide@fuzzysqueak.it.

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